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What Makes Paul (and Jesus) Happy?

Sometimes when we are feeling a bit ‘down’ we need to do something that will make us happy. I read recently of a very busy man who said that when he plays tennis he is really happy.

In Philippians 2:1-4, Paul told the believers what would “make his joy complete”, ie what would make him really happy.  We know that as an apostle of Christ whatever made Paul happy would also make Jesus happy.

Of course, Paul would want them to remain true to the faith but he says it is the good quality of their fellowship that would make him happy. He wanted them to be “like minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose” v2.

Thus, there ought to be that sense that they are heading in the same direction with good agreement on what they believe and value and how to conduct themselves. There ought not be a lot of conflict.

Jesus prayed for a similar unity in John 17:21, “that all of them may be one as we are one.”

Later in Paul’s letter we read how he had to plead with two women “to agree with each other in the Lord.” 4:2.  So he was obviously grieved that these two Christian women were harming the fellowship by their disagreement.  As Christians who were both in the Lord they needed to sort things out.

Back in chapter 2 Paul used that same idea to ask for unity. In v1 he says how each believer is united with Christ, has the comfort of His love and has the fellowship of the Spirit.  So, these are the reasons why our fellowship can have such a good quality.

I believe we have a good measure of this here and saw it in action at our first Vision planning retreat. It’s great to make Jesus happy!

Pastor Steve Shooter